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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 16, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you like videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." a pricey camera system a lowered underwater, only to be snatched by an 18-foot great white shark. now hear about the big reward for anyone brave enough to snatch it back. >> hey, it's a quick $5,000. >> the good news phone call went viral. >> he got the job. >> meet the proud new employee who has a few perks. >> i got called, and i get 10%
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off. a bold bank robber comes in swinging an ax at the cashier. how nerves defeated the thief. what happens when he thinks she really jumped out that window? >> i cannot believe that they would go this far. let's say you develop a new camera product, and you want to test it out. the guys at 360 heros have a go pro array, it makes videos like this. you click through and see 360 degrees all around. they stick it in the water at the end of a pole off the coast of new zealand for awesome shots. they got an awesome shot and them some. >> that's a shark. >> oh, well, that's the end of that. >> and good-bye. that's an 18-foot great white
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shark that thought that go pro looked interesting, came up, bit it. you have to imagine the footage on the camera is probably remarkable, but you can tell the diver there tries the best, and down, down into the deep that array goes. it's gone. >> forever? >> well, hopefully not because the guys over at 360 heros are are putting out a reward, a $5,000 reward to anybody who can recover the array and the sd card inside. >> $5,000? >> sure. with sharks. the shark ate the camera, did back in the area to get it. >> tell us more about this incident. we got the creator and ceo of 36hes minute. michael kinger from new york. michael, what did you learn from the test? >> well, we've learned that if you fail, fail quickly. one, we need to have buoyancy so
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if this happened it's going to float versus sink, and we also discovered don't forget to put the safety cable on it as well. >> well, you guys were there in the gear, why didn't you dive down and get it yourself? >> well, i asked andy that. i said, why didn't you just reach your arm out there to do that? he told me that as it got below the cage, another great white was down there playing with it as well, so i don't think it was a good thing to stick your arm out the cage to catch it. >> do you know if anyone is trying to get the camera? >> not yet. we had comments on social media on it, and it's a good possibility that someone might take us up on that adventure. hey, it's a quick 5,000 bucks. >> what do you think your chances are of getting it back? >> probably 2%. the water was deep. you ever wanted to see a crime stopper yourself? pay attention to this video and
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maybe you could help the police in washington, d.c. identify these people because they are are sought after. look at how violent the robbery is at the convenient store is. three people rush in, guns drawn. they terrorize the employees and everyone inside. they jump over the counter. no final word on what they were able to take, but the other guy here walks down this aisle, starts grabbing bottles of alcohol. they run out the door, but not before a guy jumps back over the counter and grabs more -- looks like bottles of alcohol. eventually, they all did end up getting away, but police are looking for them. >> no shots fired? do you know if anyone was injured? >> no injuries, and the images are not exactly clear, but police hope someone calls in with information because there is a reward of up to $10,000 for information that leads to them. >> looks like the guys were trying to go in, get as much stuff as they could in a few seconds and get out. >> that's kind of what this guy
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in russia thought. he would go in a bank, get the cash, and get out. he walks in swinging an ax at the clerks in the bank, demands money, gets physically aggressive with the girl. at one point, he is seen hitting the woman with the ax. it looks like he then guides the male clerk to the back of the room, but in the middle of the chaos, one of the clerks is able to push the emergency button. the alarm goes off, a clerk runs out the door, the ax-wielding thief follows and believe it or not happened to be an on-duty police officer that saw what was going on and apprehended this guy. i have a video for you guys that will make you smile. it will make you happy. it's going to inspire you. it has everything that a great video should have. including this guy. 25-year-old nick. >> hello. this is nicole.
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>> that 25-year-old nick is a recent graduate of a program called e-track, provided by midwest special services, an online training organization that helps people with developmental disabilities get over the barriers they could face in getting employment. we called the folks back, and we're about to find out if nick gets a job. did he get the job? >> sure, i'll take it. >> look at that giant smile. he got the job. he high fives one of the e-track managers, the guy behind the camera. his name is josh. >> who just called you? >> walmart. >> what's going on? >> i got a position. >> doing what? >> greeter. >> a greeter? >> it doesn't matter. that first job, when you get out of school, it's always so exciting. >> you could tell how excited he was. he's like, oh, yeah, that sounds
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good, i'll take it. >> we have nick and his e-track manager, josh, view skype right this minute. was it an exciting day? >> it was. i had been there for a hundred days now, and almost a hundred days, i got my discount card, so i get 10% off, and i have really good friends and co-workers and everything, they treat me well, and i've been there for a long time. >> josh, you look like a proud dad sitting next to nick. how do you feel? >> really good, proud of him, exciting for him. i never watched other people watch a video and had so much fun. watching you guys watch it was fun. i watched it 50 times, and he's inspiring people here, and because of people like you, other people are able to benefit from it. >> my girlfriend, i'm support
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you in anything, i want to do it, and there's other people here who want to do it, do e-track, that's how i did it. >> that's awesome! >> nick, with a steady paycheck coming in, my man, what do you spend your money on? >> junk. [ laughter ] how do you greet people? >> i just walked in the door, nick, what's up? >> nice to meet you, welcome to walmart. >> that's awesome. >> good job. i'm proud of you. that's sweet. sometimes when it's bedtime, you need a lullaby, and that's what he is giving. this is an elephant. this is in northern thai land in the elephant nature park. this is from he gets like a scarf fanning it,
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brushing lightly against his skin, and as you can see, it goes right to sleep. >> why not? who wouldn't fall asleep? sung like this, fanned. >> a light tickle. >> keeps the bugs away too. >> does she do this with every elephant? >> no, just has a special relationship with this elephant. >> of course, you can hear it snore. >> sweet a can be. this falcon doesn't need saving, but it does need a map. this is in ireland. you see that falcon was supposed to fly somewhere else, but it handed on this woman's head. >> oh, man. >> i'm getting the beauty of the moment. >> wait, so you are telling me this is a wild falcon that landed on a lady's head? >> it's not wild. it's a falcon exhibition. there was a man with a glove who
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was sending the falcon off somewhere to fly and do a demonstration. that falcon was like, you know what? i like this lady's head instead. >> that's cool. if she was in the garden and a big falcon landed on her head, not as cool. cameras catch a crash caught by a woman who -- >> had zero regard for anybody other than herself. >> hear what she did next when police got to a scene. if beating a cat tus was not enough, leave it to this. see how this one gets twisted next.
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. well, this is just one big mess caught on camera, and you can say the person behind all of this is a mess as well. that is a woman in a mercedes benz running a red light, going quick, too, smashing into that pickup truck. the woman in the mercedes benz, 37 -year-old jennifer, here's the thing, four people including jennifer were injured in this. there were three people in the truck. the driver was 16 years old, had a 20 -year-old passenger, a 33-year-old passenger and a 54-year-old woman pedestrian injured. when police got to the scene, she was in the car with the
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engine running and sleeping. police instructed her to wake up. she took off. she is nots that great of a person. she took off and later was arrested facing charges of felony, second degree, vehicular assault, driving while impaired, she was using drugs, ran a red light, and additional charges as well. she was just released from jail earlier this year because she was involved in some sort of illegal drug ring. this woman definitely has quite a wrap sheet. she complained of back pain, taken to the hospital, and has since been released, but the injuries from the other people are a broken femur, arm and lip lacerations, and none are life threatening, but it sounds like they were injured much more severely than she was. >> this woman has zero regard for anybody other than herself.
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>> we'll do another challenge. yes, it's true. as you can see, i'm going to be doing a cactus charge. >> he was challenged to do the cactus challenge, but he decided i'm going to give it a twist. >> i got myself here some rubber bands, so we're going to try to do the rubber band challenge while doing the cactus challenge. why not, right? >> which basically means you have to put a bunch of rubber bands around your head and face. as if eating a cactus was not painful enough, he put rubber bands all over his head. >> keep in mind every bite is leaving needles everywhere in his mouth, on his tongue, lips, awful. >> cutting up my mouth. >> chuck, you're an idiot, but i
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love him. >> it hurts like held. >> he was hungry on this day because he eats the whole darn thing. >> that's -- i'm going to go lay down. this is old chuck boy fantastic. parents out of town, and kyle has the house to himself. >> so kyle's mom texted him asking if he burned down the house yet. >> see how he responded with a bang. nobody likes a fly away tie. i have a solution, if you will, just in time for father's day. see how to button up the problem. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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nerve wracking. kyle was left alone. parents were nervous. his mom texted him, did you burn down the house yet? here's his response. >> ha-ha! >> shows that they raised a talented son. that's a great piece of ten seconds right there. >> in his defense, he did not burn it down, it was bombed with missiles. completely not his fault. the video was made with an iphone app called action movie, believe it or not, and it's a free app, download it, and lay effects over anything and create a scene like this. >> that was a free app? >> that's funny. >> i wonder what mom thought? >> freaked out, ran home immediately. no, she realized it was fake, but, you know, she probably thought, oh, you know, funny, kyle.
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i've known you guys for a long time now. i know that you have some problems. >> a bunch, yeah. >> but i'm always here for you. i'm here to solve your problems. >> that ought to be good. >> with this, the tie, the king of random. the tie blows in the wind, flaps around, getting in your way sometimes if it's a breezy day. >> solution? >> this go tie. take the back part and put it down in here and it sticks. >> well, i have a life pack solution, if you will, and this is just in time for father's day. if you want to look nice. grab yourself an old dress shirt, one you will not wear anymore because you're going to cut it. you need two buttonholes, and then you button the tie through the buttons. >> smart idea.
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next time i wear a tie, which is never, i will do that. car scratches, the russian hacker, came up with a brilliant way to get rid of the scratches. >> a can of wd 40. >> look at the scratches on this bumper. they look bad. looks like they did a parking job. look at this. just sprays the wd-40 over the scratch, and then rubs it in with an old towel. look at that. >> i'll try that. >> and now the next time you park, you have a well-greased car, just slide right in. >> that's exactly how it goes. two brothers pull a prank on one guy's girlfriend. >> you heard that scream, right? guess what? eric and lanka, the girlfriend, they are in
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. checkout with a sword. that belt with him?
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apparently not. >> watching videos -- wait for it -- ♪ the frank war is over. the viral brothers, you know the viral brothers. it's over. thankfully because they did crazy stuff to each other. we've seen the videos. they decide, well, we're not going to do that to each other, but let's keep something going. let's prank his girlfriend. this is the prank. here's the girlfriend, and he's got some troubling news. >> she runs to the other room, out comes eric with the camera, prank successful. you heard that scream, right?
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guess what? the prank war is not over. eric and lanka, the girlfriend, they are in cahoots. >> this is my revenge. we have big surprise for him. >> they have another girl dressed just like lanka. rewind the scene. remember the scream? well, watch this. she goes to the window, motions to the window to the girl in the blond wig looking like her, i'm going to take my shoes off and hide under the bed. you remember that scream? running into this room trying to say it was a joke, it was a joke. >> that looks convincing. >> oh, my god! i cannot believe they would go this far. >> he booked it downstairs, booked it to the sidewalk, goes to who he thinks is his
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girlfrie girlfriend. this if -- a bad one as far as pranks go. >> what if he pulled a romeo and joule yet and jumped after her. they have to stop and do cooking. if you're in a relationship like this be your girlfriend and friend, your life sucks. >> you can't trust anyone. living on pins and needles all the time. thank you for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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